Neuromodulators (BOTOX COSMETIC®)

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Neuromodulators (BOTOX cosmetic®) have now become, unsurprisingly, the most widely distributed medical aesthetic treatment in North America, largely because the treatment only requires a few minutes to perform and does not require anesthesia. The neuromodulators (BOTOX®) injections treatments are performed in our Laval clinic that is located only a few minutes from Montreal. 
Rejuvenate and revitalise your appearance with neuromodulators (BOTOX®), a treatment by injection that is both safe and effective. It is mostly applied to the upper area of the face, giving you a fresh, youthful complexion. Neuromodulators (BOTOX®) also contribute to improving the look of your neck and chin as well as, reducing the appearance of wrinkles around the mouth.

Neuromodulators (BOTOX®) are muscle relaxants that begins to work in the days following the injection and can take up to two weeks to showcase its maximum effectiveness.

We recommend three treatments over the span of three months in order to effectively condition the muscle to remain relaxed. Of course, the muscle will retain its ability to contract in order to maintain a natural appearance.

We will meet with you 2 weeks after your treatment to ensure that your expectations are being met and that any asymmetrical forms can be corrected if need be.

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