Medical-cosmetic injections for Asian-origin people

Injections for Asian-origin people

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Medical-cosmetic injections for Asian-origin people

We notice that some people of Asian origin seek to have a less round, and rather oval-shape face, and less slanting eyes. If that is your case, we can help you without going through any surgery. Our injection professionals have all received an international-scope training.

We are able to improve your face shape by injecting filling substance in the cheekbone and chin areas, and reduce the length of the jaw through injection of neuromodulators (Botox). The look of the eyes can also be adjusted with a combination of filling substance and neuromodulators.

During your assessment visit to the clinic, you will be able to let us know your needs in particular, and we will guide your through the best options for treatments.

The neuromodulators, such as BOTOX for cosmetic purpose, have relaxing effects on muscles. The muscles are relaxed during the days following the injection, and it can take up to two weeks to achieve the desired results. Ideally, we recommend having three consecutive treatments, with three-month intervals between them to make sure the muscle can rest. The muscle will conserve the capacity of slight movements, in order to preserve a more natural look.

Filling substance

The filling substance, comprised of hyaluronic acid, can help adjust the facial contour, raise the cheekbone area, increase the volume of the lips, fill out the wrinkles or even extend the chin. Hyaluronic acid can last 12-18 months on average, depending on the cases.

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